Powerful software for beach pavilions

Guests at your beach pavilion want to have a good time and enjoy the good vibes. The software for your beach club or freshwater pavilion should be as flexible as the weather. booq will help you stay relaxed - that’s a guarantee!

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Shift into gear at lighting pace during busy and slow days

Work more efficiently with a smaller workforce

Equip your team with tools they need for buttery-smooth service

Blue skies, sand between your toes

The sun is out and everything is as it should be. At your beach pavilion, guests are settling down for a cup of coffee, lunch or drinks. They want to enjoy the beautiful sea and dunes around them without a care in the world. By using the right tools, you can guarantee job satisfaction, calm and clarity. Whether you stay open 365 days a year or only set up shop in the summer months, choose the booq Bricks that suit your business and discover the benefits of a truly comprehensive solution. The future in your hands!

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Stable software to maximise turnover

The summer months are a make or break time, so you want to be able to quickly switch to handhelds when guests start flocking to your business. Thanks to our cloud-base, you’ll always stay online. Plan daily and weekly specials in advance and make sure that waiting staff know exactly how many ‘catches of the day’ they can still sell, regardless of whether you have a fixed checkout, handhelds or tablets.

Seasonal adjustments

Analysing daily results, working hours, facilities and employee performance is not a complicated task. With booq, you can effortlessly compare this year’s August with last year and see how many parties you hosted, or monitor why some employees are selling way more cocktails than others. With our data-driven insights, you can keep raising the bar!

Cost-conscious scheduling amidst changing circumstances

Staffing is crucial for any beach club. With our workforce scheduling tool, you can stay in control of your staffing cost percentage in real time, avoiding unforeseen costs. Employees can use the app to communicate, as well as to clock in and out of shifts.

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Rapid service through optimal cooperation between waiting staff and the kitchen

By working with handhelds, you can quickly send individual orders to the bar/kitchen rather than delivering them in batches, preventing hectic rush jobs. Because every order automatically arrives on the digital production display in the correct preparation/packing order, your order processing, quality and efficiency increase.

Optimise table occupancy

Give your employees a reservation system they enjoy working with. On your website, guests can choose whether they’d like to book a table inside or outside or whether they want to have a particular menu. Telephone reservations and walk-ins can be added on the spot. Also add the table plan for quick onboarding of new team members.

The best integrations for your beach pavilion

Whether at home, on the road or at your beach pavilion, booq will help you manage your entire business. Set up your new software package to meet your expectations, e.g. by adding new branches or setting up links to your favourite packages.

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put your guests first


deal with staff shortages


save time


boost sales


cut costs

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What can booq do for your beach club?

booq is all about working smarter, faster and cheaper. We’d love to meet and brainstorm about how our beach club software can simplify and digitise your processes.

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