Interfaces to streamline your business

If you choose booq, you will never be stuck using only booq Bricks. We work seamlessly with all kinds of external applications to set up the perfect workflow.


Financial interfaces

With the following financial links, among others, individual invoices or daily turnover entries can be made.

Payroll administration

Thanks to the link with payroll, data can be exchanged effortlessly. This way, you never have duplicate work and avoid errors.

Hotel PMS

Forward bills directly to guest accounts within your hotel software (PMS).

Reservation software

Directly forward hospitality spending from the cash register to the reservation system.

Payment services

Innovative payment methods for increased transaction speed; PIN links, cashless payments, top-up balance and more.

Online ordering

Online orders are registered as orders in your POS system and processed via the receipt printer or the kitchen screen.

Stock management

Your POS data automatically updates stock levels. They feed sales analysis and optimise your product development.


Link your POS system to your ERP for the ideal data exchange.

Tap registration

Everything needed for a well-run bar with a focus on maximum efficiency. Real-time insight into tap-tick differences per bar.

Business Intelligence

Translate your sales data into clear, visual dashboards to drive.

Seamlessly link the applications you already use

or use our APIs to set up your ideal business platform. With smart connections, you reap the benefit optimal process support.
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