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In the healthcare industry, the needs of patients and clients come first. This complex industry keeps going 24/7 to support society and keep us healthy, which requires streamlined processes. Let booq work for you!

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Go cashless without sacrificing invoice management

Meal processing from room to kitchen

Data-driven insights across facilities and sites

Carefree healthcare

Whether you run 20 healthcare facilities or just one, your digitisation processes have to be tailored to your working methods. After all, you always want to provide the best possible care, whether in a hospital, at a daycare or in a nursing home. And to do so, you may have a restaurant or shop on site, different price lines for employees and residents, or allow people to pay with prepaid cards. Or have nutrition experts use a tablet to put together the best possible meal for every individual patient. Choose the right booq Bricks for your healthcare facility and discover the benefits of a truly comprehensive solution. The future in your hands!

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One cash register with several price lines and cashless payment options

No more hassle with cash registers, depositing and counting cash. With booq, your employees and patients pay by card, QR-code, personal prepaid cards or simply add items to their personal tab. After all, the healthcare industry is already labour-intensive enough. Handhelds are ideal for inpatient care, for example if a lamp in an assisted living facility is broken and needs to be expensed. And thanks to the easy-to-use interface with pictograms, even clients with distance to the labour market can operate the POS system.

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Connecting business processes with the power of links

How to bill clients is an important question in the care for the elderly and disabled. Should we integrate the data with the Personal Care Budget from the electronic patient record? Thanks to powerful links with accounting packages such as AFAS and Twinfield, you stay in control of financial processes. In-house cards are a great way to give clients their allowances and money for food.

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Order meals straight from a room or ward

Online ordering is booming, thanks in part to eHealth grants, and is a great way to shorten the time between ordering and enjoying a meal. If nutritional experts can pass on orders straight to the kitchen and caterer, you can skip steps and reduce waste. It goes without saying that you can also use QR-codes to put in orders from a ward or meeting room. You could even consider installing order kiosks or a pickup counter in your staff restaurant, so employees can order their lunch on your website and make the most of their short breaks.

The right wage paid on time

Healthcare revolves around people, which means that a rock-solid, strategic staff schedule is absolutely essential. Scheduling can be particularly difficult, especially due to ever-changing shifts and different roles and permissions. With our system, you can easily drag and drop any employee to the right spot in one of the roster templates. On top of that, our app makes it easy to communicate and share knowledge with colleagues. And ensuring that all timesheets are logged accurately has the added benefit of making payroll a piece of cake. Start saving time and effort!

Healthcare software for improved insight

Data provide insight. Regardless of whether you have a uniform management system for all your sites or work with self-managing teams with their own budget, the cloud-based back office provides access to turnover reports for different facilities and locations such as the staff restaurant, hairdresser, bakery or shop. Simply open your browser, log in to the back office and check your bestselling product groups and items and harness the power of forecasts to make smart additions to your product range.

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What can booq do for your healthcare facility?

booq stands for smart, innovative software for the healthcare industry, freeing up time for what really matters. Provide the best possible care with the support of easy-to-use technology that can do absolutely everything.

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