Scalable catering software

No two days are the same for catering services in schools, government buildings and company offices, so they require a scalable solution. Flexible and efficient, wherever you go. Let booq work for you!

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Full-service solution from checkout tablets to self-service

Easily manage multiple locations

Stay flexible with easy and efficient daily adjustments

Omnichannel catering software tailored to today’s market!

Whether your guests are ordering lunch online from the comfort of your workstation, checking out at the cafetaria’s order kiosk or need a quick grab ‘n go bite, booq is everywhere! With our solutions, you can continue to satisfy your guests’ every need, while eliminating waiting time and waste in one fell swoop! Pick the booq Bricks that suit your catering business and discover the benefits of a truly comprehensive solution. The future is in your hands!

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Quick service during peak times

Flexible, fast and scalable, that's what software for cafeterias in companies, government buildings and universities should be, regardless of whether your branches are managed internally or externally. With booq, you can control all your branches from the same place and easily update different price lines and menus.

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New and better ways to serve guests

Order and pay for food and beverages from your phone or order kiosk. Filter items by dietary preferences and allergies. Enable top-up balances and employee discounts. Increase ticket size with daily promos. Have all orders delivered to departments or collected in a specific time slot.

Stay in control of work time, files and locations

With booq, you’ll always know whose working where and can quickly fill shifts with the employee app. Your flexible employees can easily clock in and out during their shift, regardless of location or position.

Fast lead times thanks to rapid orders and transactions

Digitise the ordering process and go paperless with touchscreen kitchen displays. Automatically arrange incoming orders from different channels in the right order. When an order is done, it’ll show up on the pickup screen right away.

Optimise your menu offerings with forecasts

Dive into data and see if your biggest sellers have juicy margins too. Calculate exactly how much fresh-made and non-perishable products to purchase and prevent food waste. Compare promos at different locations.

Comprehensive set of features thanks to integrations with other catering software packages

Serves as the final piece in your catering software puzzle thanks to data exchange with your ERP, financial or procurement package and loyalty, events or delivery services. booq knows exactly what you need.

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Why booq?

We know what caterers need and have the tools to help you:


speed up order processing


reduce waste


improve procurement practices


optimise menus


increase profitability

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What booq does for your business

Unlock efficiency gains in an instant, manage all your locations at once and make data-driven decisions to improve profitability with booq’s catering software. We’d love to contribute to your success!

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You decide which bricks and integrations are needed where and when
More connectivity and flexibility


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