Effortless management based on information, trends and KPIs

Get real-time insight into the performance of your business with booq Business Intelligence (BI). Track sales over any given period of time, view best-selling items and discover which branch is your biggest profit machine!

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Data visualisation in dashboards

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Boost your turnover with booq BI


Manage your business based on facts, not feeling


Nine dynamic dashboards full of information


Menu engineering and predicted effects on an item-by-item basis


Improve employee performance and optimise workspace

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Analyse like a boss

Your booq POS comes with booq’s Business Intelligence tool. True data enthusiasts can even opt for booq BI Basis+, with more extensive dashboards to convert data into handy trendlines and charts. Take the leap now and start analysing like a boss...

Convert data into opportunities

How does this month’s turnover compare to last month? Which product groups are my biggest earners? Which branch is performing best? How successful were my promos really? Which employee was the most successful last weekend? booq BI will give you exactly the answers you’re looking for.

Data gives you so many starting points for taking your business to the next level in a targeted way. booq BI gives us very simple insight into, for example, the number of tuna salad sandwiches sold per location per day and time. Based on that information, I calculate exactly how much we need to buy for each location.

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Lebkov & Sons - Meerdere locaties

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Discover the platform

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booq BI brings details to light and unlocks data-driven decision-making. Schedule a free demo now to explore the power of BI or have our experts answer all your questions!

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