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Giftcards for a lunch, diner, getaway or package deal are hugely popular. Start issuing your own professional prepaid giftcards today with booq Giftcard. Every giftcard sold is guaranteed turnover!

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Whether you run a restaurant, cinema, holiday park or hotel, giftcards are an enticing prospect for any business owner. Not only are giftcards a service-oriented way to extend your product range, but your guests love gifting and receiving them too! Be as creative as you want and start issuing brunch vouchers, cocktail cards or cinema coupons today. All giftcards come as physical cards with a bespoke design in cheerful packaging or as an e-voucher. Your guests are free to decide on the value of the giftcard themselves and can even order them from your website.

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Giftcards can be loaded with any amount


Physical giftcards and e-voucher in your own style


Automated transaction registration


Insight into giftcard sales and redemption

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Easy to activate and redeem

Requesting and designing giftcard to match the look & feel of your business is a piece of cake. What’s more, they come with a prominent A5 display, so they’ll basically sell themselves! The cards feature a magnetic strip, bar code, card number and PIN code and can be validated in the POS system. No more worrying about hand-written giftcards and fraud! Besides, your guests will love the convenience of checking their available balance online.

”The order value of guests using a giftcard is usually higher than the value of the giftcard itself, because they feel they’re getting a large chunk of the order for free. It’s actually boosted my sales!"

Number of cards issued vs redeemed

Thanks to booq Giftcard management reports, you can carefully monitor outstanding credit and compare issued and redeemed giftcards at a glance. No more errors due to handwritten gift vouchers or processing mistakes; all transactions are automatically recorded in your POS system. Our professional giftcard module can be connected to hardware such as your POS system, scanner, back office and PIN terminal for a competitive, discounted rate, so no additional investment is needed!

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booq is the all-in-one business platform that grows with your business. As you link more bricks, you will unlock exponential benefits for your business

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Discover the platform

What can booq Giftcard do for your business?

Everyone loves a giftcard: buyers, recipients and business owners alike. booq Giftcard is a great way to increase traffic and turnover!

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