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Having the courage to let go is key to athletic success. Grow your club with the help of reliable software that meets all your football, hockey or fitness club’s needs. More convenience, more profit. Let booq work for you!

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Camaraderie, good times, physical exercise! The clubhouse is the venue for many great sporting moments, and you want to have the right technology and staff in place to make sure everyone has a good time. A user-friendly POS system with cashless payment options is just what you need. Especially if you also have a club shop selling merchandise... Meet the needs of your members, volunteers and supporters with accessible clubhouse software. Choose the right booq Bricks for your clubhouse and discover the benefits of a truly comprehensive solution. The future in your hands!

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Young and old alike can start using our intuitive POS system right away, thanks to the clear item groups and smart buttons. Effortless service during halftime, the third half or a members’ assembly meeting. And what’s more, you get to pick the hardware!

Update your menu quickly and easily

In the management environment, the clubhouse manager can easily track bestsellers and slow movers for optimum procurement as well as easily update prices or menu items when a regional tournament is on the way, for example.

Custom prepaid cards

We’ve got the right solution for every sports club. Automated tap registration linked to the POS system can be a smart investment for large clubhouses, while the Cash Flow Statement can help you save hours of admin work a week. You could even consider issuing your own payment cards adorned with your club’s logo, allowing members or teams to top them up as they please and barring underage guests from buying alcohol. Thanks to our versatile links to other packages, anything is possible!

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QR-ordering in the clubhouse and along the pitch

Opting for booq means optimising speed and ease of use. The latest ordering innovations can be set up for the sports sector especially and help deal with peak traffic. would your members like it if they could scan a QR code in the stands, order their hamburger online and pick it up 15 minutes later?

Why booq?

We know what your club needs and have the tools to help you:


simplify work processes


optimise transaction throughput


keep a calm head when things get hectic


reduce margins of error


increase your turnover rate

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What can booq do for your sports club?

booq’s sports software is tailored to your volunteers, members and visitors. Ordering a drink in the clubhouse, updating the price list and paying by card will be as easy as pie, effortlessly setting you up for a great season!

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