booq POS: the smartest POS system for any business

Choose a POS system that will boost your hospitality and sales. For optimum ease of use and reliability at competitive prices. Whether your business is big or small, booq POS will get you ready for the future!

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The most user-friendly POS system

POS systems come in all shapes and sizes, but when developing booq POS, we looked closely at your needs and those of your fellow professionals and put user-friendliness first in everything we did. We’re sure that you’ll notice the result day in, day out. Thanks to the touchscreen display and its clear groups and table plan, your employees will find their way around immediately.

Things like 'reminders' (would you like your steak rare, medium or well-done?), upsell suggestions (would you like a delicious slice of homemade apple pie with your coffee?) and insight into current stock levels will help you elevate customer service to a whole other level. What about favouriting your best-sellers, changing prices and setting up set menus or promotions? Thanks to the user-friendly back office, it’s never been easier. With our software, you’ll finally be able to make data-driven decisions powered by real-time insight into sales figures.

Personalise your booq App

Thanks to its flexibility and scalability, booq POS unlocks unparalleled freedom. With the POS app, you can transform any device - including your iPhone, iPad, Android device or professional handheld - into a fully-fledged mobile POS. Make your work about people, service and quality, not about technology.

The online POS system is part of the booq Platform. For an even smarter approach, you can easily integrate multiple components.

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Interesting features


Tap, swipe, long press: keyboard shortcuts work your way


Easily split and merge tabs


Table plan with relocation option and insight into table history


Set up and schedule set menus and promos

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Time-saving backoffice included

booq POS is much more than a POS system. Thanks to the cloud-based back office, you can manage your business anytime, anywhere! Changing items and prices and creating menus or promos has never been easier. And you get access to free real-time analytics via booq BI to make more targeted data-driven decisions.

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Choose the right POS system for your business

Sure, there are many POS systems out there, but with booq POS, you’ll get a system that meets all your needs at an interesting price. Do you only want a fixed checkout, or would you like to turn smartphones or professional handhelds into mobile POS devices? It’s up to you. Just like the operating system: we support iOS, Android, Windows and Linux. Want to integrate a multitude of solutions and set up links to other packages? Anything is possible!

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Bring your own device

operating system-independent

Android, iOS, Linux or Windows

comfortable with your own smartphones or tablets

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PanelPOS 15,6”

industrial professional

Premium cash register with industrial look

16:9 aspect ratio

Can be mounted on wall or stand

ES5 handheld

robust professional

high-end multi-touchscreen

perfectly readable in sunlight

removable battery

Link your favourite applications

Easily link your booq Brick to other packages. Numerous interfaces are supported as standard.

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What type of business do you have?

Build the perfect workflow brick by brick

booq is the all-in-one business platform that grows with your business. As you link more bricks, you will unlock exponential benefits for your business.

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Discover the platform

What can booq POS do for your business?

Maximum operational efficiency, a user-friendly system for your employees and an optimal guest experience: that’s the end goal.

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