All-in-one hotel software

Hotels are an amalgam of all aspects of the hospitality industry, and your automation software has to be prepared for anything that could come your way. Let platform booq work for you and give your guests an unforgettable experience!

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Integration with your PMS

User-friendly all-in-one software for hotels

More connectivity, more hospitality

Indispensable tools for hotels

Your passionate team does everything in its power to make guests at your hotel or hotel chain happy, from holidaymakers to businesspeople and day-trippers. A thriving hotel is more than a friendly reception and clean room. Guest contact and smooth service are paramount. Choose the booq Bricks that suit your business and discover the benefits of a truly comprehensive solution. The future in your hands!

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Seamless integration with PMS systems

Bundle your hotel and restaurant management software to get them working together as one. Create interfaces with PMS data streams to link reservations and tabs to rooms. Create a bespoke floor plan and manage guest information.

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Schedule accessible and available everywhere

An experienced, well-coordinated hospitality team is the key to success, constantly pushing each other to raise the bar. With booq Staffplanner, we’ll lend a helping hand in generating optimal rosters. Save time on payroll by setting up links to your accounting software.

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Offer an unforgettable restaurant experience

If guests have a good time at your hotel, they’ll be more likely to recommend it to others or leave a positive review. Thanks to booq's clever built-in features, you’re guaranteed to make a good impression. Offer your guests the smoothest possible payment experience by letting them pay via a QR-code on the table or sell your very own giftcards.

A helping hand during busy breakfast, lunch and dinner services

Correctly streamlining vast quantities of orders is very important for hotels. booq Bar/Kitchen Manager places orders in the right order based on their preparation time and automatically organises drinks into different zones. Now that’s what it means to be calm and in control.

Manage your hotel based on data-driven insights

With booq, you centralise tasks and get access to guest data from wherever you are working. Make changes in a snap. Assign user roles to your bar, kitchen and waiting staff. Learn about trends and data with built-in reports and data visualisation.

Why booq?

We know what your hotel needs and have the tools to help you:


set up omnichannel services


enhance your guest experience


save time


boost sales


cut costs

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What can booq do for your hotel?

Make a flurry of receipts and data re-entry a thing of the past. booq is committed to maximum operational efficiency, ease of use for employees and excellent service for your hotel guests.

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You decide which bricks and integrations are needed where and when
More connectivity and flexibility


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