Webinar: digital order processing in the kitchen for more peace of mind and overview

19 May 2023

Cooking, what a wonderful profession it is. Of course the cooking itself and bringing along the most beautiful dishes, but also the dynamics. Working together to ensure that guests are as satisfied as possible.

Perhaps you have taught yourself a certain way of working in the kitchen, but sometimes you also think that it could be smarter, smoother and more efficient. Or perhaps you would like to be just a little less dependent on, say, certain employees' annotation skills.

A successful approach in the kitchen stands or falls with optimal communication among each other. Want to digitise this for more peace and efficiency? Then watch the webinar by Kristian, who himself has worked in restaurant kitchens for years, and talks from practice about the advantages of booq Bar/Kitchen Manager.

Please note that webinars are only available in Dutch

Bar/Kitchen Manager

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