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We believe that any entrepreneur can grow their business, provided they have the right degree of connectivity between tools. From local chip shops to city centre cafés and nationwide restaurant chains.

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Spurred by the advent of tablets and smartphones, booq decided a decade ago to completely rebuild the POS landscape from scratch. For us, a POS is much more than a device on a counter. We realised that the future was one of flexibility and connectivity: anytime, anywhere, any device. What matters is your selection, ordering, production, delivery and payment processes - not what device you have. Regardless of whether you use the booq App on your mobile handheld, or open the ordering website on your laptop at home, you’ll get the same information from every angle. That what makes booq more than a POS. It’s a cloud-based, omnichannel software platform that integrates and optimises business processes at a distinctive level. Because efficient processes power guest experience. And for you, booq increases returns without interfering with the guest experience.

booq is not a product, but the answer to your question. The connectivity offered by booq is unique: at the office, outside in the sun, or at home. We work with entrepreneurs to determine what is needed how, when and where. With our booq Bricks, futureproof data and smart integrations, you can connect today to tomorrow. That's what makes booq so valuable.

Milestones in our continuous question for innovation


2010 | the beginning

start of our software development


2012 | all-in one

launch booq as an all-in-one platform with booq POS, booq Staffplanner, booq Bar/Kitchen Manager and booq Reservations


2017 | nominations

booq Bar Manager nominated for the Horecava Innovation Award Equipment & Services


2018 | online orders

launch of booq Ordering websites and booq Ordering kiosks


2019 | internationalisation

booq QR-ordering plus Blackbox certification


2020 | award winner

booq QR-ordering winner Horeca Innovation Award Equipment & Services


2021 | new releases

release new version booq Reservations, booq POS fully cloudbased, launch booq BI, launch booq Payment, launch QR Next and launch tutorial environment booq Tutorials


2022 | European expansion

although Kitchen Manager has been operating abroad for some time, our POS software is also finding new markets in Germany and France.


2023 | the future

the future in our hands

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