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The show must go on. Choose an integrated software solution to manage all business processes in your theatre, amusement park, playground, zoo, music venue or bowling alley. Let booq work for you and start working smarter.

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To really entertain your guests, you have to provide top-notch service as well. Whether you’re looking to manage an outdoor seating area or gift shop, check reservations or schedule staff: entertainment software booq has all the industry expertise it needs to help you maximise turnover and efficiently cut costs. Your guests won’t ever want to leave! Choose the booq Bricks that suit you and discover the benefits of a truly comprehensive solution. The future in your hands!

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Thanks to the flexible service options offered by booq POS, you stay in control of your guests, your logistics and your hospitality experience. Use handhelds to bridge the gap between the bar and bowling lanes; check the map to see which tables at your indoor playground haven’t ordered anything recently; split tabs for large groups or line up 10 fixed ticket booths at your main bar. No problem.

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With more modern ordering and payment methods emerging day by day, now is the time to embrace omnichannel entertainment and integrate it into your overall experience. What about silently ordering drinks while watching a movie by scanning a QR-code or ordering snacks without having to leave your table so you can keep an eye on your kids in the playground? You could even check out by scanning a QR-code or redeem a giftcard in the theatre lobby when you and your partner are ready to head home.

Seamless speed when things get busy

The time it takes to order drinks can make or break the experience of a day or evening out. Ordering kiosks can take orders around the clock and send them straight to the bar and kitchen. Elevate order processing with digital displays in your kitchen while serving perfectly timed dishes and optimising quality. On weekends, holidays or weekdays alike, booq turns streamlining order flows into a veritable art form.

Harness employee input to create an ideal schedule

With our staffplanner app, your employees can quickly communicate their availability and days off, enabling you to create an ideal schedule based on weather forecasts, events, budgets and more. What’s more, you can even automate time-tracking and payroll thanks to integrations with Exact, Twinfield or Unit4.

Interactive dashboards for greater insight

Interactive dashboards for greater insight Thanks to booq's reports and data visualisation tools, you will always have insight into how your entertainment business is doing today. Forecasts, bar charts and trend lines make it easy to scale up or down on the fly. Business intelligence is included as standard in your POS backoffice.

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Whether at home, on the road or in your office, booq will help you manage your entire business. Set up the new innovative software according to your wishes, e.g. by adding new branches or setting up links to your favourite packages.

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booq is committed to process integration, user-friendly service and enhanced guest experience for entertainment business owners just like you.

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