This is how Sprakel in Lonneker handles reservations

23 Oct 2023
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A Grand Café that breathes homely coziness is how owner Mariëlle Bergink calls Sprakel in Lonneker. Together with her husband Mirco, she evolved the Twente village pub into a multidisciplinary hospitality company, which over the years expanded to include a large terrace, cafeteria and ice cream parlor. "With our constant guest flow and versatility, keeping an overview is important, says Mariëlle. Our reservation system is the leading factor for the day."

Sprakel Eten & Drinken is open 7 days a week from 9 am. Basically for everything between joy and sorrow; guests are welcome for a cup of coffee, extensive dinner or cozy pub night with a good glass of beer. Sprakel is also the meeting point for walking or cycling, parties large or small and various meetings. Because of these diverse activities, every day is different. The reservation system gives grip: "Every morning we look in the dashboard at what is planned and zoom in on the details. For which reservations have allergies or special requests been passed on? Which packages have been booked for which rooms? Not only do you have insight into the number of reservations, our team immediately knows at the start of the day how the table layout needs to be adjusted and how many breakfasts or brunch platters need to be made."

Better distributions and occupancy

The reservation module on the website allows Sprakel's guests to make reservations online quickly and with ease. "As a hospitality entrepreneur, you decide which time slots and packages you open on which days and times. We also experiment with this for the best possible spread. For example, since this year, in addition to a package that allows guests to reserve a high breakfast or brunch board, we have also set up the booking option that allows you to choose a reservation of 1.5 hours, 2 hours or 'enjoy a nice long time'. That's juíst hospitable because guests can make their own choice whether to come just for a glass of wine or, on the contrary, come and have drinks with their colleagues all evening and with no end time. On the other hand, we can plan better with the staff in and outside the kitchen. Likewise, we know exactly how long tables are occupied and can occupy them more often."

Guest list gives overview

So what about spontaneous walk-ins? Those are still encouraged. "Because of the overview provided by the guest list and the reservation overview, we can place walk-ins better. And yes, then you may have to wait at the bar with a drink for a while. The advantage we have is that we are centrally located between cities like Enschede, Oldenzaal and Hengelo, and Sprakel gets targeted visits."

The complete picture

Since 2018, Sprakel has been working with booq Table Reservations. "How we used to manage reservations? We did that on paper and then we drew diagrams of tables in a thick reservation book with a pen. You can't imagine that now, can you? An online reservation system fits the times of today. The complete picture is what appeals to us: you have a good overview of the number of reservations, make them visual in the table plan and have access to all the details in the guest list."

Extending hospitality

What more does online booking with booq Table Booking give Mariëlle? "A piece of service and extension of our hospitality. Guests receive a booking confirmation with all the details. Booking online also saves a lot of phone calls, especially around dinner time and when the restaurant is busy. Being able to display packages at the top of the reservation module also provides additional promotion of them. Because, not everyone clicks through our entire website to see what promotions are available."

User-friendliness and support are pluses

Mariëlle is satisfied with booq Table Reservation and thinks the user-friendliness is just as much of a plus. "The reservation system is super easy to use, everyone can handle it. Both the employees in the office, chefs in the kitchen and waiters at the bar. In addition, the contact with the support is pleasant and we are helped well when we have questions. Yes, this reservation system is definitely recommended!"


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