Save time and sell more with ordering kiosks

Installing an ordering kiosk can help simplify the ordering process. Customers can easily browse the various categories and menu options to put together their order. Customers can simply pay by card and their order will show up on the pick-up display when it’s good to go. Ordering has never been this easy!

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No more queues

Smart upselling suggestions

More turnover, lower costs

Flexible and suitable for eat-in or take-out

You decide how to use your ordering kiosks. Maybe you’d prefer full self-service, or perhaps you’d like an ordering kiosk to support your staffed POS’s during peak hours. Or would you rather have customers only use the kiosk to order drinks? All you have to do is decide: booq’s ordering kiosks can do it all.

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Interesting features


Step-by-step menus


Give money-makers pride of place


Automatic upselling suggestions


Product filters for e.g. allergens

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Generate more sales through promos and upselling

It’s very easy to highlight specific menu items on ordering kiosks, boosting your sales of your burger of the month, kids’ menu or daily special. What’s more, you can have your upselling features set up so that they’re never intrusive, yet always present. It’s almost like an excellent employee!

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Choose the ordering kiosk that’s right for you

A standalone kiosk, a wall-mounted version, a single or double unit, or a tabletop and counter model. The choice is vast!

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Tabletop unit 22”

freestanding table/counter model

developed specifically for booq

top sign with advertising possible

24" compact ordering kiosk

compact entry-level model with unique design

ergonomic and intuitive

flexible with printer, pin and more

32" wall-mounted order kiosk, single or double

especially for self-service restaurants

modern design with unique user experience

wall-mounted or on foot

What type of business do you have?

Build the perfect workflow brick by brick

booq is an all-in-one business platform that grows with your business. As you link more bricks, you will unlock exponential benefits for your business

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Discover the platform

What can booq Ordering kiosks do for your business?

Simple menu item management, fully customisable to match your corporate identity, enticing product photos. Ordering kiosks are a great way to make life easier for your customers and your staff. An investment you’ll recoup in no time whatsoever.

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More connectivity and flexibility


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