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In this world, quality and speed matter most. We’ll help you move up the gears at lighting pace with an ideal POS, order kiosk or kitchen display. Let booq work for you.

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Increase ticket size with smart upselling

Super-fast processing of self-service orders

Collect orders at the pick-up display

All eyes on your customers

You want to serve your customers quickly, regardless of whether they placed their pickup or delivery orders at home or at the counter. With booq, your snack bar, petrol station, café, ice-cream parlour or takeaway restaurant will see its profits skyrocket thanks to higher throughput times and optimal communication. Choose the booq Bricks that suit your fast-service establishment and discover the benefits of a truly comprehensive solution. The future is in your hands!

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Consistent service no matter how hectic things get

User-friendly POS software is a must for a fast-food restaurant. Not only will it let you take orders at the counter or at the table, but new hires will be able to find their way immediately, and you’ll be able to update all prices in one go, before syncing them across all sales channels. Avoid repetitive work and mistakes and start providing unparalleled service to happy customers!

Optimal prep and pickup throughput times

On our ‘live’ kitchen displays designed especially for the fast-service industry, you can track all pending orders at a glance, including sauce preferences. Easily merge receipts for different deep-fired snacks and sandwiches to minimise trips to the fridge and optimise fryer use. Done? The order will show up on the pick-up display right away!

More sales, no queues

Your customers want to be in control. For the ultimate self-service experience, let them order via a multilingual order kiosk, digital menu or website. Our smart websites are designed to encourage upselling by suggesting sauce options and sides and guide your guests through your menu: ‘I want a chicken skewer menu with potatoes and a Fanta’. Work with time slots, allergen filters and discount codes. Guests pay how and when they want: online, by credit card or debit card.

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To measure is to know

Our software generates integrated reports full of data visualisations, providing insight into how many chips and milkshakes you’ve sold and how your ice cream of the month performed. Zoom in on time-limited campaigns or Saturdays. Manage a single booming business or compare ten at once.

Get the most out of your staff and reservations

If guests at your fast-service restaurant can sit down to enjoy their sushi or snacks, they can easily make reservations via the widget on your website. The visualised table plan will show your employees exactly where to seat your customers, and they can use the same device to clock in and out to ensure that their working times are tracked perfectly. Happy employees, happy guests!

The best integrations for your fast-service restaurant

Whether at home, on the road or at your chip shop, booq will help you manage your entire business. Set up your new software to meet your expectations, e.g. by adding new branches or setting up links to your favourite packages.

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Why booq?

We know what you need and have the tools to help you:


increase your turnover rate


stimulate up- and cross-selling


increase return customers


optimise workplace processes


save time


boost profitability

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What can booq do for your fastservice business?

booq is committed to maximum operational efficiency, greater job satisfaction for your employees and optimal service for guests. You only pay for what you use. Start with what you need and expand later.

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