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Booking, ordering, paying, preparing, serving, staffing, binding, managing: that's what booq takes care of from A to Z. Because efficient processes are an undeniable basis for guest experience. Discover below how each part of our platform contributes to the perfect workflo

booq Reservations

Allow guests to quickly book a table via Google, your website or social media. Encourage guests to book a table in advance by showcasing enticing package deals and combat no-shows by sending reminder emails. With the clear reservation overview, you stay in (zero-commission) control and have access to all the information you need to optimise occupancy rates.

booq POS

Opt for a POS system that adapts to your business, not the other way around. Thanks to the flexible, mobile app, booq POS unlocks unparalleled freedom. Turn any device into a fully fledged POS system. Take orders quickly and accurately, split tabs and update prices in a matter of seconds and gain 24/7 real-time insight into sales.

booq QR ordering

Want to unlock self-service for your guests? Make life easier with booq QR ordering: the flexible addition to great service. Your guests will love it and so will you, because it’ll support your staff and boost your average turnover at the same time!

booq Ordering kiosks

Save time and sell more with ordering kiosks! Install ordering kiosks to simplify the ordering process. Customers can easily browse the various categories and menu options to put together their order. Customers can simply pay by card and their order will show up on the pick-up display when it’s good to go. Ordering has never been this easy!

booq Ordering websites

Offer more services and boost sales with an ordering website. Reach a larger audience with an integrated booq Ordering website. By offering customers your menu online, they can order their favourite delivery and takeaway dishes from home.

booq Bar/Kitchen Manager

Improve work processes in your kitchen or bar and unlock efficiency gains with touchscreen displays. All orders placed via the handheld are automatically sent to the displays of the appropriate stations as digital tickets in order to improve job satisfaction, focus and efficiency.

booq Payment

Put your guests in charge with booq Payment: the innovative payment solution that lets guests checkout whenever they want. Using the QR code on the receipt, guests can pay at their convenience. No more waiting for waiting staff! Capitalise on the trend of doing more with fewer hands.

booq Loyalty

Turn one-time visitors into loyal fans by rewarding them with loyalty points. Capitalize on guest behavior, spending and attributes on autopilot, through the right triggers and with the right rewards.

booq Giftcard

Start issuing your own professional prepaid gift cards today with booq Giftcard. All giftcards come as physical cards with a bespoke design in cheerful packaging or as an e-voucher. Increase your target audience and gain more loyal guests. Every gift card sold is guaranteed turnover!

booq Staffplanner

Forget Excel and other complicated scheduling software. With booq Staffplanner, you can instantly create the most strategic workforce schedule based on contract hours, availability, turnover forecasts and more. Moreover, you get to effortlessly track and check timesheets and benefit from clear reports. Stay in control of your staffing costs!

booq BI

Effortless management based on information, trends and KPIs Get real-time insight into the performance of your business with booq Business Intelligence (BI). Track sales over any given period of time, view bestselling items and discover which branch is your biggest profit machine!

The sky is the limit

booq offers unique connectivity. With our booq Bricks, futureproof data and smart integrations, you can connect today to tomorrow. To support fully digitised processes, freedom and flexibility, we designed our booq Platform as an open system. That is why we can also link booq to your favourite third-party applications through APIs. Numerous integrations are supported as standard, so you can simply keep working with your regular payroll, ERP or recipe package and unlock even more booq benefits.

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For businesses big and small

We developed booq with a modular approach to tailor it to small businesses and multi-branch or franchise organisations alike. You determine what is right for you, but the more bricks you link, the more exponential benefits you’ll unlock. But if you only want to use the POS system or Staffplanner, that's possible too. Optimal process support for your business that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Build the perfect workflow brick by brick

booq is the all-in-one business platform that grows with your business. As you link more bricks, you will unlock exponential benefits for your business.

Discover the platform
Discover the platform

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