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Fun. Wonder. A touch of education. With booq’s all-in-one solution, you’re guaranteed to stay relaxed and in control. Let booq work for you.

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User-friendly POS software

All-in-one solution with integrated payment systems

Smooth online ticket sales

Booked & paid!

Museums big and small are home to countless different services and processes, from scanning a ticket at the entrance to ordering a parking ticket online and from ringing up coffee and cake in the museum restaurant to paying for a souvenir in the museum shop. We know how to support the cultural sector. Choose the right booq Bricks for your museum and discover the benefits of a truly comprehensive solution. The future in your hands!

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Een A flexible POS system that keeps you organised

Want to decide whether to take orders at the counter or at the table with whatever device you want? Then choose booq. Our POS system is so intuitive that even one-off volunteers will get used to it instantly. From customisable table plans to time-saving shortcuts: booq's museum software streamlines the ordering and payment process, leaving you with more time for personal, hands-on service.

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Happy employees and satisfied guests

By deploying your staff at the right times, you can guarantee that your visitors have a good time. Expecting extra traffic due to an event or discount promo? Simply schedule more employees based on their availability. The time tracker automatically tracks your staff’s working hours and will send them to payroll at the touch of a button.

Omnichannel service

Your guests like to stay in control. In this day and age, many people will expect a self-service solution, so allow guests to put in an order by scanning a QR-code or pay whenever and however they want. If that’s not quite your cup of tea, have guests order snacks and drinks at order kiosks and collect them at a pick-up point. Increase your turnover, cut costs and improve the guest experience.

Control, calm and clarity in your bar and kitchen

No visit to a museum would be complete without a delicious cup of coffee and a slice of cake, lunch, or dinner. No matter the size of your menu or whether you serve sandwiches, salads, snacks or chef’s specials, optimum communication is key to a properly functioning kitchen. More focus, greater job satisfaction and more peace of mind.

Understanding your visitors

You can now manage everything from one system - down to the very last detail. Learn how many day tickets you sold and how much turnover was generated by your bestselling gifts. Track beverage sales to find out exactly how much stock to buy next time. Go data-driven and stay in control!

The best integrations for your museum

Whether at home, on the road or in your museum, booq will help you manage your entire business. Set up your new leisure software to meet your expectations, e.g. by adding new branches or setting up links to your favourite packages.

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Why booq?

We know what museums need and have the tools to help you:


set up omnichannel services


reduce staffing costs


bond with your guests


enhance your guest experience


boost profitability

Discover the platform

What can booq do for your museum?

booq is committed to process integration, user-friendly service and enhanced guest experience.

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More connectivity and flexibility


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