Digitising in the hospitality industry: why you can't go without it

20 Feb 2023
Reading time 4 min

In today's digital times, a lot is changing in the world around us. Even in the hospitality industry, we are digitising actions. Think of taking an order with a handheld or smartphone. Or a reservation system where all incoming reservations, via phone, website or Facebook, come together in one overview. Even in the heart of your hospitality business, the kitchen, you can start working with software to digitise operations. In this blog, we give you 3 reasons why you can't do without the booq Bar/Kitchen Manager.

1. Convenience

Time, money and effort are often seen as barriers to digitising your kitchen management. Of course, your kitchen staff and waiters need to master the system and digital processes need to be fine-tuned before you start experiencing the ultimate benefits. If you start working with booq's digital touch screens, you will soon find out that such a system is very convenient. No more fumbling with paper receipts on a rail, but automatically all starters, mains and desserts from the operator's handheld to your kitchen screen. Each department is shown on the screen which dish to make and how long the different departments have been cooking. This way, dishes are perfectly coordinated.

2. Efficiency and total control

A total overview at a glance? You can't do that with all sorts of loose paper receipts. You can with booq's digital touch screens. You walk around the different departments, check the current status on the touch screens and you know exactly where you stand. Is an extra side dish, a VIP, in the queue for more than 5 minutes? Then your kitchen staff will get a flashing notification on the screen. The digital receipts always show the correct status of orders in real time. In this way, there will be no discord in the kitchen.

3. Cost savings and increased efficiency

The Bar/Kitchen Manager helps you optimise processes. Think about your logistics in the kitchen and behind the bar, allowing orders to be served faster. Colour-coding different tables in the same area helps you walk less and earn more. In addition, digital kitchen management is an extension to collect data. For instance, touch screens show how long guests wait for their orders on average and how long different dishes take to prepare. These figures help you achieve more profitability.

Bar/Kitchen Manager

Obviously, there is much more to tell.

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