The scheduling tool for optimal workforce scheduling and time-tracking

Forget Excel and other complicated scheduling software. With booq Staffplanner, you can instantly create the most strategic workforce schedule based on contract hours, availability, turnover forecasts and more. In addition, you can easily track and check your employees’ working ours and gain valuable insights from clear-cut reports. Stay in control of your staffing costs!

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Effortless strategic workforce scheduling

Stay in control of your staffing costs

With clear real-time performance metrics

Smarter and faster scheduling

booq Staffplanner saves time (reducing your administrative burden by at least 25%) while increasing the quality of your workforce scheduling efforts. What’s more, employees will also love our tool, as the app gives them insight at all times and lets them pass on their availability and request leave.

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Availability, scheduling, time registration, payroll administration. These are the parts where the booq Staffplanner is going to make a difference for you and your employees. Want a quick impression? Then watch the webinar.

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Interesting features

booq Staffplanner makes life easier for you and your employees.


Create a schedule based on costs, turnover forecasts, availability and more


Strike a perfect balance between staffing costs and turnover


Get ready for payroll in just one click


Ensure optimal communication with your team

Stay in control of staffing costs

Never schedule more people than strictly necessary and give priority to employees who have contract hours left. The clear reports and performance metrics help you reduce your staffing costs. Run your business with an eye for people and profits.

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Benefit from effortless time-tracking

No more hassle with time sheets: now’s the time to move to automated, digital time management and a single summary of all working hours and schedules. Use automated break and rounding rules to expedite the process. Keep track of time-in-lieu schemes, sick leave and regular leave. With booq's time-tracking software, you can check and approve hours at a glance and send them off to payroll in a single click.

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Clock in and out at the drop of a hat

For even more control, start working with NOA, our innovative time tracker. Employees can easily clock in and out with a tag or card, as well as their personal debit card or public transport chip card! The time tracker is fully integrated with booq Workforce Scheduler, so working hours are logged and approved automatically. The scheduler won’t just help you deploy your staff more efficiently, but you’ll also stay in control of costs thanks to the dasboard. Start saving time and gaining insights today!

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Link your POS system and payroll

You can easily set up a link between the booq Staffplanner and your payroll package. Automated importing prevents errors, and if you also opt for POS link, turnover will be linked to staffing costs to provide insight into overall efficiency.

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Optimise coordination and communication with your employees

Ease of use and clear communication are key. The workforce scheduler app always shows the current schedule and hours worked, but employees also use it to pass on their availability or request leave. Got a shift to fill? Send a push message and fill it right away!

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For any number of branches

Regardless of whether you have one or more branches, booq Staffplanner will let you you manage them all and strike the right balance between costs and revenue. Schedule employees at another branch and compare branches with the clear dashboard.

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The workforce scheduler that puts you in control:

Build the perfect workflow brick by brick

booq is an all-in-one business platform that grows with your business. As you link more bricks, you will unlock exponential benefits for your business

Discover the platform
Discover the platform

What can booq Staffplanner do for your business?

Significant time savings, an improved staffing cost percentage and optimal communication with your employees: just a few of the benefits you can expect with booq Staffplanner. Find out for yourself!

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