Webinar: 20 to 25% more sales with online ordering options

17 May 2023

Getting 20 to 25% more turnover, managing higher guest satisfaction and happier employees on the floor: that sounds good, right?

Practice shows that there are also many opportunities for you in the flexibility of online ordering options: ordering websites, ordering kiosks and QR ordering. After all, your guests are already used to arranging more and more things digitally via their phone or tablet. If you cleverly capitalise on this, they will always have your company in their pocket, so to speak.

Want to know what the possibilities are and what they can offer you? Online expert Daan Pool will be happy to tell you!

Please note that webinars are only available in Dutch

Ordering websites
QR ordering
Ordering kiosks

Ready, set

Boost your business with total solution booq. Our expert from the nearest dealer will contact you as soon as possible. The future in your hands!

Unique features for your industry
You decide which bricks and integrations are needed where and when
More connectivity and flexibility


Our team is ready for you! We will contact you within 2 working days for a free demo!

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