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23 Apr 2021
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QR-codes were introduced as a welcoming, omnichannel solution to the staff shortage and are a great way to relieve your staff and empower your customers to order what they want, when they want it. They proved their worth during the corona pandemic and have now emerged as a versatile new option. On the table, in a drive-through or float-through, on beach beds and more: find out how your fellow entrepreneurs used QR-codes and what it got them.

QR-codes on tables

Let's start with QR-codes on tables. It might not be the most original idea, but it sure is efficient! Many entrepreneurs have already embraced the practice of giving tables a unique QR-code with a link to an online ordering environment and you can now find table QRs anywhere, both in al-fresco dining settings and indoors. They’re often combined with table service, but some restaurants use QR-codes and pickup points, too.

o Higher average spend

Esgo Kuiper of Het Horecakantoor was convinced of the merits of QR-ordering from the very start. "QR-ordering makes life easier for our employees at peak times, increasing both customer satisfaction and productivity. It’s perfect for what we call hidden seasons: sunny days that draw massive crowds when you least expect it. Average spend is good, as customers are more likely to order extras. You can recoup the initial investment and monthly fees in no time. I’m very satisfied with the results."

o Order lead time down by 4 minutes

Rien Mol of Landgoed Het Rheins is also a fan. Het Rheins started using QR-codes on its large outside seating area last summer and Mol is gushing with praise: "QR-ordering has been a tremendous success for us and our customers. Guests loved the new system and were very satisfied with the speedy service. Even at peak times, all orders flooded onto the displays in our kitchen and bar without requiring any help from our employees. We have found that every QR-order and payment - the system supports payments too! - saves four minutes of time compared to the old way, which lets us provide the same fast, high-quality service with fewer employees. It’s been a blessing, especially in this day and age. We want to make QR-ordering even more appealing and encourage customers to give it a go, for example by offering discounts or complementary sweets.”

Many of booq’s customers have found that the average ticket size with QR-orders is significantly higher than with traditional servers. In fact, Koen Witte of Beachclub Texel says that the combination of booq QR-ordering and the new POS system boosted sales by 70% last July!!

Order from your beach bed

QR-codes have been a huge success beyond tables, too. Alexander Beach Club in Noordwijk, for example, uses QR-codes to allow guests to place orders from the beach - and they serve them there too! Owner Alexander Balk: "Our guests scan the QR-code on their beach bed, order and pay via the linked ordering site, and reactions have been very positive so far. It’s ideal - we’ve never prepped and served orders this quickly before.

Order from your car

Queueing in traffic for a delicious bite? It certainly wasn’t an exception during the pandemic, and it still isn’t today. The fact that hospitality entrepreneurs weren’t (and still aren’t) allowed to welcome guests like we wanted to resulted in creative initiatives to delight as many guests as possible and generate turnover in the process. Several entrepreneurs such as De Twentse Bierbrouwerij organised drive-throughs so that guests didn’t even have to leave their cars. From the comfort of the driver’s seat, they could simply scan the QR-code with their smartphone, make their choice from the digital menu, pay and then wait in the appropriate parking space to have their order brought to them. Safe, fast, efficient and fun!

Ice cream parlours

QR-codes are also an ideal solution for busy ice cream parlours. Why not have your guests scan a QR-code outside and browse your menu at their leisure? It’s hard enough for children - and let’s face it, adults too - to pick when faced with so many delicious flavours, so giving the the choose before they reach the counter can save a lot of time. Now, they can simply take their pick, place and order and pay online, before picking up their order at the pickup point with their order number. You’ll be selling more scoops in no time!

Order from your boat

The Eendracht in Abcoude is wonderfully located by the water. They therefore placed a large QR-sign on the quay so that people could easily place their order. Enjoy relaxing on your own boat while your order is brought on board. Does it get any better than that?

On large sign near your counters

If your takeaway tends to get busy, a similar solution could work magic for you! A large sign with QR-code attracts attention and helps spread the crowds. Everyone can just quietly scroll through the menu themselves and place and pay for their order. Finally, you can collect your order with your personal pickup code. The whole process is incredibly quick and is supported by a digital pickup display on which guests can track their orders.

Room service in hotel rooms

QR-codes can also help you take your room service to the next level. For example, Pim de Lange of Ter Marsch & Co has rolled out QR-ordering to 233 hotel rooms in the nearby Amsterdam FlowerMarket hotel. “It’s given us a huge boost, because it offers guests tons of freedom and convenience.”

Order from your cinema seat

What if your guests couldn’t just order refreshments during the intermission, but during the film too? At C-Cinema, moviegoers can do just that thanks to the QR-code on the seats, and because each code is unique, employees know exactly where to serve the paid-for orders. No unnecessary talking: just a smooth, silent serving experience.

Picnic spots and more

You can use QR-codes in myriad locations and countless different ways. Is your business near a busy cycling or walking route? You wouldn’t be the first to post a QR-code near a favourite break spot to help sate hungry or thirsty passers-by.

QR-codes are a perfect way to enhance your services. How creative are you? Start exploring opportunities today!

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