New: booq Loyalty, the best loyalty program for the hospitality industry

2 Jan 2024
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A digital loyalty card with special offers and with which you automatically save for a discount on your next purchase; a loyalty program has become indispensable in retail. But also in the hospitality industry, rewarding guests for more involvement is becoming increasingly common to convert guests into loyal guests. booq Loyalty, the latest module of the booq Platform, is an attractively priced and a very complete loyalty program to reward catering guests and increase your turnover.

What is booq Loyalty?

booq Loyalty is a loyalty program specially developed for the hospitality industry and is based on the best practices from the retail sector. With a savings system and personalized rewards and promotions, you can entice guests to visit your business frequently. And that of course has a positive effect on your turnover. This loyalty program and marketing tool in one consists of:

1. A user-friendly management environment for you as a hospitality entrepreneur

Basically, you can get started right away and easily set up savings rules and associated rewards according to your own wishes. For example, does your guest receive a coupon for free coffee with 100 points or a 10 euro discount coupon with 1000 points? You decide. You can increase your target group through special 'members promotion campaigns' and send automated triggers, such as an email with a gift on your guest's birthday, without any hassle.

2. A loyalty card or friend pass for guests

This allows your guest to easily indicate that he or she is participating in your loyalty program. No access to your digital customer card? No problem! Reward points are also automatically credited with each visit based on personal data, such as an e-mail address.

3. A guest portal with digital savings card, points and coupons

In the member environment, your guests always have insight into their current savings balance and can see which coupons are available. The digital guest pass can also be opened when they pay at your restaurant, lunchroom or snack bar.

Personalized promotions and offers

Thanks to booq Loyalty you have valuable information about your guests. In order to use the program, they share - of course fully in line with the GDPR - a number of basic personal data, such as their email address and date of birth. This allows you to send emails with personalized promotions. Consider the aforementioned birthday discount or give a discount on lunch to guests who normally come to dinner alone. Personalized email marketing and a cheap and effective way to stay on the radar and encourage your guests to make repeat visits and additional spending faster.

Link with your cash register system

booq Loyalty is part of the booq Platform. This obviously means that this loyalty system is fully integrated into the booq POS cash register system. The loyalty points are automatically assigned to the guest profile based on the voucher amount. And coupons can also be redeemed via the cash register. Do you have multiple locations? The customer card can then be used anywhere.


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