Software update: these new features make the Bar and Kitchen Manager even better

22 Aug 2023
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We are continuously developing our booq solutions. The booq Bar/Kitchen Manager recently received a cool update, making the bar and kitchen software even smoother for work processes. In this blog we have listed the latest features for you.

Partial start and completion of several dishes

It is now possible to partially start and report items that are ordered several times per table. How this works? Imagine carpaccio being ordered and prepared like eight times. Three of the carpaccios are then served in advance. The hostess can press the item on the service screen by means of a long press, which causes the factor screen to appear. Here it is possible to enter the number of carpaccios that will already be served.

Request the next course from the digital screens

From now on you can request a next course not only from the booq POS cash register app, but also from the kitchen screens. Suppose the guests at table 5 are ready for the next course and as a hostess you are at the serving screen to serve table 8, then you immediately ask about the dishes for table 5. You can also use this functionality to urgently inquire about VIP dishes such as extra fries and sauce, or to pause the next course if the guests go outside to smoke.

Long press and shortcut functions self configurable

By long-pressing the top of the receipt you can highlight functions that you use less often. Where you were first shown all possible functions, you can now determine for yourself which functions you want to have visible and which not.

For the shortcuts, which you see above the receipts, it was already possible to set them yourself. New is that you have the option to set the order from left to right to your liking. For example, the ON HOLD function defaults to the fourth position from the left. For example, choose to place the ON HOLD function all the way to the left, so that you benefit from optimal ease of use.

Grouping articles from other parties

It can be useful to know that your fellow chef is working on a 'pasta funghi with penne' and 'pasta carbonara with fusilli'. But knowing in detail which dishes are prepared by other parties is not always desirable. For this reason it has been made possible to group the dishes of other parties. There are three ways to organize your receipts:

  1. See all dishes from other parties in full detail; pasta fungi penne
  2. See the number of dishes per batch; 4x pizza and 2x cold
  3. See the total number of dishes from other parties; 7 other dishes
Bar/Kitchen Manager

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