3 misconceptions about QR ordering in the hospitality industry

27 Nov 2023
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QR ordering in the hospitality industry is now a well-known phenomenon. You order a snack or drink from the digital menu at your leisure by scanning the QR code with your smartphone. While many people are enthusiastic about this modern ordering method, there are those who are less convinced. Moreover, there are still some misconceptions circulating about QR ordering in the hospitality industry. In this blog, we cover three most common misconceptions and explain why they are wrong.

1. QR ordering is impersonal

A misconception that often wanders through the mind is that using QR codes in the hospitality industry would take away the personal interaction between the guest and serving staff. For some people, sticking with the traditional guest experience, where they can study a physical menu and interact personally with the serving staff, is important.

In reality, hospitality QR ordering actually opens the door to a unique guest experience! Guests feel more freedom to browse the menu at their leisure, and with the time savings from the efficient ordering process, staff can focus more on providing personal attention, answering questions and giving personal suggestions. This very combination of efficiency and personal attention contributes to an improved overall guest experience.

2. QR codes in hospitality industry reduce employment opportunities

Another concern is that implementing a QR ordering system would lead to fewer jobs for hospitality staff. Hospitality establishments would switch entirely to ordering using QR codes, which would cut back on staff. Instead of making staff redundant, QR ordering allows hospitality staff to spend their time more effectively.

Instead, they have more time to focus on tasks that require a personal touch, such as answering guests' questions and tending to each table. The result is not fewer jobs, but rather a shift toward quality service. Moreover, QR ordering can also be used well as a complement to service, giving guests the choice of placing an order through the QR code, or with the wait staff.

3. QR ordering is only for large hospitality businesses

There is also a misconception that QR ordering is only profitable for large catering establishments and chains because they have more financial resources. In addition, the traditional ordering method would suffice in the smaller restaurant, café or lunchroom.

Again, this is not true.Smaller catering establishments can benefit just as much by using QR codes. A QR ordering system is often affordable because of tiered pricing and super easy to implement. For smaller teams, QR ordering can actually help streamline business processes. QR codes in the hospitality industry offer flexibility and efficiency regardless of the size of the eatery.

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