Opt for optimal efficiency with self-service checkouts

Customers select of scan their own items and pay by card.

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Grab & Go!

A self-service checkout works very simple. Guests choose the desired meal or drinks from the shelf and tap it on the touchscreen of the cash register. Individual sandwiches or self-composed salads are easy to find with the visual icons. In addition, a can of soft drink can also be quickly scanned with the separate scanner. The whole day long!

Why use self-service checkouts?


No staff required


Add and change articles in the back office


User-friendly self-service solution that supports your staff


Comes with an integrated PIN terminal

Save on personnel costs

A self-service checkout is ideal for a company restaurant. The new way of working means that employees are present at the office at flexible times. This makes the demand for 24/7 service a hot item. By opting for self-service you need fewer waiting staff.

Quickly switch between self-service and manned cash register

What is unique about the self-service cash register is that you can also use it as a manned cash register. You can easily switch cash register software. Ideal for efficiently managing crowds in a company canteen, for example. This smart cash register system offers maximum flexibility and is therefore future-proof!

Built for speed

The self-service checkout is intended for quick and easy order processing. This means the cash register provides more peace and convenience in your business and is therefore very suitable for hotels, gas stations or campsites.

What can a self-service checkout do for your business?

With a self-service checkout, your business can save on staffing costs and make customers’ lives easier.

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