The backoffice that understands what the front line needs

Real-time insight into your sales data anytime, anywhere. Item management, promotions and configuring set menus are just a few clicks away.

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Keep track of sales across all locations, wherever you are

Manage POS devices remotely, thanks to the secure cloudbase

Make quick data-driven decisions

Working in the cloud

The booq POS backoffice puts you in control of your business. Wherever you are and whatever device you want to use to manage your POS devices, items or promos, booq Backoffice is cloud-based and scalable. The combination of software, data and intuitive design allows the booq POS platform to offer maximum flexibility for users, so your waiting staff can stay relaxed and your guests will always get the best deal. Make your work about people, service and quality, not about technology.

Access all backoffice features with just a few taps:


Central price management


Work at multi-branch level


Plan and prepare for promos, price changes and campaigns in advance


Real-time insight into data and processes

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Production facilities, promotions and price management

You can customise your POS system based on your needs and preferences in the management environment. If your business does not offer takeaway options, for instance, you can simply hide this feature.


Customise your table plan


Configure discounts: three-course menu, voucher discount or 50% off every second item/menu


Group production tickets by zone to be printed/displayed on a different printer/screen


Link hardware such as cash drawers or PIN terminals

Add users and manage permissions

Not every employee needs full access and permissions to the back office and app. By assigning user roles, you can give users certain rights.


Access rights appropriate to your employees’ responsibilities


Permission hierarchy with user groups


Link personal login codes, cards or other means of ID

Product management and revenue groups

All it takes is a few clicks to change prices or add new products or menus in the ‘Product menu’. Any change you make is synced across all sales channels immediately, including your QR-ordering website or ordering kiosk.


Create, modify or delete items and add them to an item group


Add details such as deposit, dish type and VAT


Create multi-course menus by linking subgroups (a hamburger menu consists of a main dish, side dish and drink)


Add menu choices such as bread choice or cooking time (medium, rare or well done)

Customers and payment methods

Add customers or debtors that you want to write off immediately or bill in arrears.


Specify a limit or price line for each entry


Identify customers with a code, customer card, barcode or NFC tag


Apply discount or put limits on an account or ‘arrears billing'


Work with multiple payment methods and currencies

Real-time insight into ongoing processes

Thanks to management reports and data visualisation, you get actionable information that can be put into practice right away. Not only that, you also get to predict future turnover, with trendlines, bar charts and graphs revealing the causes of what you’ve seen happen on the floor. By filtering and zooming in on variables such as periods, zones, product groups and employees, you can gain more insight into different aspects of your organisation.

Expand your business

Manage multiple branches and price lines from a single central back-office environment. New branches are a cinch to add, because booq always grows with you!


Manage all activities from one central location


Chart the individual and relative performance of your branches


Register users and POS devices per location

Automatic updates

The software is always up-to-date and equipped with the latest features. It’ll be updated regularly and automatically, and as soon as a new update is available, you’ll be notified when you log in. You decide when to update your system, and it’ll be done in no time. Convenient!

Share your data for optimal workflows

Because booq is an open system, optional data is securely shared with your favourite packages: financial interfaces, hotel PMS, payment services, tap registration software and inventory management.

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Build the perfect workflow brick by brick

booq is the all-in-one business platform that grows with your business. As you link more Bricks, you will unlock exponential benefits for your business

Discover the platform
Discover the platform

What can the booq Backoffice do for your business?

With booq's back office, you'll enjoy taking a deep dive into your performance. Change the price of a beer in a matter of seconds, and stay ready for the future thanks to regular updates.

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