KIR Diner x Bar benefits from a user-friendly all-in-one POS system

22 Mar 2024
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“A POS system that offers more than 'just' taking orders and paying,” says Justin Lutke Veldhuis, owner of KIR Diner x Bar in Borne. KIR Diner x Bar has been using the booq POS system since 2021 and now the restaurant no longer wants to work without. Justin shares how the POS system relieves the burden on staff, reduces waiting times for guests and contributes to higher turnover.

Improvement in communication

“Thanks to the POS system, we no longer have paper receipts and mutual communication between employees has improved considerably. The staff immediately sends special requests or allergies digitally via the handhelds they use to take orders at the table. Previously, they had to communicate these types of details verbally to the kitchen staff. That is no longer necessary, which ensures much more peace for both teams."

Intuitive table plan

"Which tables have already ordered? How many minutes has it been since a colleague last served a particular table? We can see this very clearly through colors and time displays on the table map integrated into the cash register. If a table has not been served for too long service, this table turns red on the screen and we know that we have to take action. In addition, the map with tables and table numbers helps employees find their way faster. This is a fantastic reminder, especially for new colleagues. Also merging and splitting tables, and therefore bills, is very easy using the 'drag & drop' function, i.e. by swiping with your fingers.”

Insight into stock

"When entering an order, the system shows how much of each item is still available. This allows the service staff to see when the daily special is almost sold out or when a certain wine from a special year is no longer in stock. This allows them to provide targeted advice and indicating immediately if a guest wants something that is unfortunately sold out. Previously, this was only discovered when the kitchen started preparing it, and an employee had to be informed at that moment and returned to the table. That is not nice. Moreover, this function gives me insight into whether I need to order again.”

Manage by numbers

"The sales dashboard shows me the sales numbers in real time: the most popular dishes, the most lucrative tables and the best-selling dishes and drinks per employee. This makes encouraging upselling easier. For example, I can immediately see which employee sells desserts after a meal and how often. This way I can specifically instruct my colleagues to also offer an after-dinner cocktail or coffee. On the one hand, this is good for our turnover, but it also contributes to the guest experience.”

Accounting package interface

Thanks to the link with the accounting system, the system automatically transfers all figures and data to the accounting package every night, which saves me a lot of work. If I want to export sales data to Excel or PDF, that can be done very easily."

Working with Bar/Kitchen Manager

"In the kitchen we work with the digital screens of the booq Bar/Kitchen Manager. This system works ideally together with the POS system. Every order placed via the handhelds or fixed cash register appears directly on the digital screens. And those receipts are always stored automatically in the correct preparation order.

In addition, it offers the opportunity to digitally monitor progress. This way, the service can easily ask for the next course, or indicate that the kitchen has to wait a while because guests are taking a smoke break. And another great function is the VIP function, which allows dishes to be prepared with priority. Suppose a couple tells a colleague at the service that they only have a babysitter until 10 p.m. and would therefore like to be served faster. The colleague marks this table as 'VIP' and the order from this table automatically appears at front of other orders and is therefore prepared first."

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