Why self-service in the hospitality industry? Specialist Lars shares applications and opportunities

2 May 2023
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Self-service in the hospitality industry has become increasingly popular in recent years and almost unthinkable. From fast-service restaurants to hotels, more and more hospitality companies are choosing to offer their guests the option of placing and paying for their orders themselves via self-service solutions. Lars Curfs, self-service specialist at booq, takes us through the possibilities.

As of 2020, the need for online ordering options gained momentum, especially the demand for ordering sites. Lars: "The corona pandemic forced entrepreneurs to move quickly. A webshop to handle takeaway orders was a must. And with the shift of catering staff to other sectors, the demand for QR ordering to spare the waiters also grew. Since then, the demand for online ordering has not diminished and anno 2023 it is seen as a standard addition."

QR ordering indispensable as an additional service

The beauty of QR ordering is that it is suitable for all kinds of hospitality businesses and industries. "I see entrepreneurs making creative and smart use of QR ordering and reaping a lot of profit from it. At Proeflokaal House of Bird, the brewery's beers are selling well through the mobile ordering site. When guests scan the QR code, they clearly see the range of all beers with appealing images and product information. This allows guests to calmly pick the perfect beer and order it themselves. And when they are ready for a second beer, they simply scan the QR code on the table again and the order is added to the bill," says Lars. "Moreover, the upselling suggestions, which the mobile ordering site automatically provides with self-selected items, ensure additional sales. Guests order a portion of appetisers much faster!"

Stimulate upsell with an ordering kiosk

"For fast service, but also holiday parks, ordering kiosks are very effective. Guests independently select the desired snack or menu deal, pay directly with the integrated pin and then collect the order from the serving counter. Automatic pop-ups on the kiosk make it easier for guests to choose a larger menu or extra sauces. Combination deals are also ideal to sell via an order column, as you can present it visually appealing on the large screen. After all, there is plenty of room on an ordering kiosk for enticing product information."

A self-service checkout for maximum flexibility

One of our latest innovations is a POS system that your entrepreneur can use as both a manned checkout or a self-service checkout. "You can easily rotate the till screen and switch by yourself. This allows you to efficiently manage crowds in a company canteen, for example. This innovation offers entrepreneurs maximum flexibility and fits right in with today's requirements."

Central item management

Entrepreneurs do not need multiple management environments, logins and duplicate item management. This is why all booq self-service solutions, from QR ordering to the ordering site, are managed in one central back office. Thanks to live synchronisation, product information is sent directly to the relevant self-service solution. "As all self-service solutions are integrated in the back office, you only have to enrich articles with tasteful product photos and texts once when using different solutions. So you save a lot of time! The same goes for stock management. You enter this in one place and it is transferred to all booq Self-service solutions."

Omnichannel platform booq

Not only the management environment is integrated. Because the self-service solutions are part of a wider booq Platform, you combine online with offline ordering and payment for the best results. "For example, when the first round of drinks are recorded by the hostess in a restaurant using a mobile checkout device, guests can order dishes at their own pace via the QR code on the table. Linking with the booq Bar/Kitchen Manager also removes operations and makes work processes more efficient. Orders that come in via the kiosk or QR ordering are immediately visible on the digital work screens in the bar or kitchen."

Boost your self-service channels

For those who want to get the most out of their self-service sales channels, Lars has some tips. "We see that not enough attention is always paid to the design of the (mobile) ordering site. That's a shame! By enriching the items with attractive photos and product information, you give guests a much better impression of the offer. It is also possible to highlight specific dishes in the menu planner in the back office. For example, give your guests the 12-hour snack as a tip on the digital lunch menu. You will find day guests are more likely to go for this option."

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