6 (new) features that make booq QR ordering indispensable on your terrace

1 Mar 2024
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If you want to get the most out of your terrace, QR ordering is the way to go. QR-ordering from booq now features a number of new functionalities, making the mobile ordering solution a must on your terrace. Especially if your staffing is a challenge. One tip of the hat: from now on, it is possible to choose when you let guests pay; immediately after the digital order, or only before leaving via the QR code or with an employee. We share the main features in this article.

1. Reordering with QR

On the terrace, your guests scan the QR code on the table with their phone's camera. If the 'additional order functionality' is activated in the back office for the terrace, when completing the order, your guests will be given the option to pay immediately or to pay later. They can then still do so via the QR code, or simply at a member of staff. When they then want to order a second drink or a dish, they can effortlessly arrange this themselves by scanning the QR code again. Easy!

2. Paying via QR

Nothing is more annoying than having to wait to pay after a lovely time on the terrace. By scanning the QR code on the table or the receipt, guests can pay immediately. This way, a visit to your terrace is always concluded quickly and relaxed.

3. Omnichannel ordering solution

QR ordering impersonal? No way. On the contrary, you can perfectly combine QR ordering with personal attention. Guests can choose whether to order via a QR code or from an employee. Perhaps they like to order a round of drinks digitally, but prefer to order a dish from the staff. That's fine! And all orders end up on the same bill. So at the end of the visit, your guests only have to pay one bill. Also handy: so you manage QR orders - just like your cash registers - in the booq Backoffice.

4. Manage opening hours

In addition, you decide when you want to use QR ordering. Maybe you only want to use it during peak times. No problem! You manage the opening hours of the mobile order website in the booq back office.

5. Time block linked menu

A digital menu that you can change anytime, anywhere is ideal, but you don't want to display the breakfast menu in the evening. In the back office, you easily set a specific menu per time period. Think of a lunch menu that is visible daily between 11:30 and 14:00, or a special menu for the holidays, for example.

6. Upsell stimulating suggestions

In booq QR ordering, you can set smart upsell suggestions with a nice picture. For example, a delicious fresh pastry with a cup of coffee or a portion of appertisers with a beer. This makes guests more inclined to order something extra, which is obviously good for your turnover.

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