Strategically get through the summer with the booq Staff Planner

26 Jun 2023
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Summer has started and that means plenty of busy times for you as a business owner. Making an efficient personnel planning is then a must. But at the same time, you don't want to spend too much time on planning and payroll. In this blog you can read why an easy-to-use employee scheduling tool is a great solution during the summer.

Schedule permanent contract hours first

During the summer period, it is likely that additional vacation workers will support your team. The booq Staff Planner gives you clear insight into the type of contract, contract hours and competencies of your employees. This way, you make sure that experienced employees with fixed hours are scheduled first and get their hours every month.

Anticipate sun or rain

It will be busier on a nice sunny day than when the weather gods are less favorable to us. Because the weather forecast is also included in the system, you can immediately see when an extra employee on the terrace is handy. And if you also have a link with booq Table Reservations, you can plan your staff even more strategically, based on the expected number of reservations in the summer, so that service, turnover and staff costs are optimally balanced.

Automated payroll

You can easily include your temporary workers in your personnel planning when you have a link to a remuneration package. The data of new employees are automatically loaded into the booq Staff Planner. Moreover, this way you are assured of error-free, automated payroll. Also of your on-call employees!

Easily fill open shifts

All your permanent employees and vacation workers can easily submit their availability in the booq Staff Planner App. They also have the ability to proactively respond to open shifts. You can even send push notifications to fill a shift. This makes it easier for you as a manager to get the schedule done. Even if part of your team is on vacation.

Understanding vacations

During the summer period, you naturally have to deal with vacations within the team. In the leave overview of the staff scheduler app, both you as manager and employees can quickly see how many vacations have been accrued. Moreover, you can easily approve vacation requests within the leave overview.

Beach pavilion

Also plan efficiently this summer with the booq Staff Planner?

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