5 things you didn't know about booq Bar/Kitchen Manager

20 Apr 2023
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You probably already know that paper receipts are a thing of the past thanks to digital screens, or that the right receipt automatically goes to the right department. And you also know that special requests or allergens are clearly displayed on the receipt. But, there are also things you may not know yet, but would like to know so you can work optimally with booq Bar/Kitchen Manager. In this blog, we share 5 facts that can help you further.

Did you know?

  1. You can easily review the history of digital receipts?
    With a double tap, you retrieve completed orders, in chronological time order, on the screen. Think of it as your 'digital poke' on which you can look back superfast, for example in case of complaints, or retrieve an accidentally closed receipt.
  2. You can easily forward terminals?
    If it is quiet and the entire kitchen crew is not busy, you can transfer terminals to another department at the push of a button. This way, you don't have to keep an eye on all screens and have maximum focus, without having to adjust anything in the booq Backoffice.
  3. You can set specific table ranges on the dispensing screen?
    For example, if you have 2 floors, you can set the dispensing screens to only show relevant tables on that screen. This keeps things a lot clearer for the waiters by not showing unnecessary tables/ receipts on the screen.
  4. The Kitchen Manager has a handy mise-en-place function?
    Good cooperation is important. Would you like to make it clear to your colleagues that you have already made the preparations for a dish? You do so by using the preparation button. The moment the course is requested, you can finish the dish right away.
  5. You can reduce food and time waste?
    Does your guest no longer want a dessert after all? Or do guests move from one table to another? Thanks to the 'mutations' feature, a clear notification appears on the screen, allowing quick action to be taken.
Bar/Kitchen Manager

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