Sell more with promos and upselling

Your booq ordering website will shine a spotlight on your entire menu. What’s more, it can automatically suggest cross- and upselling options to boost your turnover.

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Promote dishes and drinks

Boost sales with sensible suggestions

Put your money-makers front and centre

Punchy promos

With an ordering website, you can easily focus attention on specific menu items. Whether it’s your special menu of the week, your new pizza topping or today’s special sandwich. If you link your website to your POS package, the system will automatically sync price changes made in the management environment with your website.

Cross- and upselling opportunities

Cross- and upselling suggestions can simplify the ordering process and will boost your average ticket size, as booq can make sensible suggestions based on your customer’s current order. What about a large coke, extra cheese with a pasta dish or a special Italian-style bun with your sandwich? You can choose exactly for which menu items you’d like to set up cross- or upselling suggestions in the management environment.

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booq is an all-in-one business platform that grows with your business. As you link more Bricks, you will unlock exponential benefits for your business

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Discover the platform

What can booq ordering websites do for you?

Find out for yourself how ordering websites can optimise the ordering process and boost your turnover.

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