12 tips to get more out of your reservation system

5 Jun 2020
Reading time 3 min

In August 2016, the number of online reservations increased by 80% compared to the previous year. More and more guests prefer this simple and direct way of making restaurant reservations. So it is very important that your online reservation system is available at all times. But how do you make sure it keeps reservations flowing in? Here are 10 tips.


Place the booq Reservations-widget on your website.


Add 'Book online' as an app to your profile on Facebook.


Place the url of your website's booking page in Twitter and Instagram profile.


Make sure you have clear call-to-actions in the expressions you send to your guests. After all, 'I want to make a reservation now' is clearer than 'Click here to go to the reservation page'.


Ask guests to post a review afterwards. The more people recommend your restaurants, the more reservations will come in.


Make sure you talk to your guests via social media. Respond to discussions or comments under photos and provide a piece of personal attention to your guests.


Invite social influencers or foodies to try dishes and take photos. By sharing your restaurants in their network, you create a buzz of attention.


Reward customers who place online reservations with an attractive discount or a free cup of coffee.


Inform your guests of new dishes, offers or perhaps a renovation by sending them email campaigns.


Start collaborations with nearby tourist attractions and hotels. For example, leave flyers so guest feel invited to your restaurant.


Employ your regular guests as testimonial by having their story told on your social media. By explaining why this special guest comes to your restaurant, you show the perfect loyalty.


Use Facebook Ads to promote special events and offers and reach new guests.


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