Summer drinks: the popularity of cocktails in the hospitality industry

24 Jul 2023
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Pornstar Martinis, Pink Gin Tonics and Non-alcoholic Spritz: the general public is ordering more cocktails than ever. Almost every hospitality establishment serves them. From classic recipes to creative modern creations, good cocktails have won a permanent place on today's beverage menu. In this blog, you can read more about current cocktail trends and why the tastiest cocktails are a margin-boosting must-have on your menu.

Cocktail revival

Cocktails are back in 2023. Where once the choice was limited by a handful of classic cocktails, the choices now seem almost endless. Indeed, bars and restaurants have become even more creative in putting together colorful and especially flavorful drinks. Experimenting with new ingredients, techniques and presentations makes ordering cocktails a real experience. The comeback of the cocktail has led to increasing demand from consumers looking for something more than just an average drink during a night out.

Current trends

Botanical cocktails

The cocktail world has several notable trends. One of the most notable trends is the rise of botanical cocktails. These types of cocktails are made with natural ingredients such as flowers, herbs and spices. This creates a fresh and unique taste experience: perfect for on the patio this summer!


Another trend is the rise of non-alcoholic cocktails. These 0% cocktails, also known as mocktails, are an ideal solution for people who consume less or no alcohol at all. This way they can still enjoy tasty and refreshing summer drinks on the terrace. Bars and restaurants cleverly respond to this by offering a wide range of mocktails that are just as appealing as their alcoholic counterparts. In this way, they ensure that a broader target group can enjoy the cocktail experience.

Ready to drink cocktail

Ready tot drinks (RTD’s) zijn kant- en-klare cocktails, ook wel mixdranken genoemd. Ze bestaan al decennialang maar de vraag naar hoogkwalitatieve kant-en-klare cocktails nam exponentieel toe in coronatijd. Bruisende mixen, short-drink-coctails, sour-cocktails en tiki-drinks zijn de meest populaire mixdrankjes. Soms direct het flesje of blikje drinkbaar, anderen hebben ene korte shake of finishing touch nodig. Tegen het geluid van de shaker en rammelende ijsblokjes van een versgeshakete cocktail kan geen RTD op. Maar RTD-cocktails bieden uitkomst om in razend tempo consistent, en kwalitatief goede cocktails te fabriceren.

Why cocktails are a must-have on your beverage menu

Increasing sales

Increasing sales is something cocktails can definitely play a role in. Cocktails typically have higher profit margins compared to other drinks because they are often sold at a higher price. In addition, cocktails boost sales of dishes such as a drinks board or a serving of bitterballs. Guests will stay longer and order more, resulting in increasing sales for you.

(Brand) experience

Experience is becoming increasingly important in the hospitality industry. Guests are willing to spend good money if everything is right. More and more hospitality businesses are also seeing cocktails as a way to reinforce their brand identity and offer a unique experience to their guests. By creating signature cocktails with matching names and presentations, bars and restaurants can differentiate themselves from their competitors. Guests often remember the special and most delicious cocktail they had, come back for it and share it with others, creating word of mouth and increased brand awareness. A cocktail is seeing and being seen!


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