Grab & Go: self-service checkout for corporate catering

14 Nov 2022
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The catering industry is reinventing itself. The number of flex workers is growing and working and lunch times are becoming more flexible. With this, the demand for 24/7 service is a hot topic. Grab & Go using self-service checkouts are seen as a new mode of catering at many business locations and institutions. We tell you more.

Grab & Go

Self-service checkouts, also known as unmanned food corners, fit in flawlessly with the 'on demand' desires of today's society. In the form of a minimarket or micromarket, one or more shelves and fridges are positioned together. Here, your employees will find fresh and pre-packaged soft drinks, fruits, snacks, wraps, yoghurts, etc. They grab what they like and checkout independently.

At the Grab & Go self-service checkout, employees enter products themselves (e.g. an apple) on the screen or scan the product's barcode with the handheld scanner. Payment is contactless by debit card or smartphone. As a result, self-service checkouts ensure faster throughput and long queues in front of traditional checkouts are a thing of the past.

Future-proof with self-service

Grab & Go is also compared to the modern vending machine. You no longer need to offer a classic buffet in your company canteen and yet make a wide range of products available every moment of the day (morning, afternoon and evening). This also allows you to spread usage and let your guests choose their ideal time. After all, nothing is more annoying than a long queue at the checkout of your company restaurant.

The ideal solution for staff shortages

And another very important advantage: you need fewer staff and staff hours because your cash registers are unmanned! Do you use one self-service checkout to support your catering or do you line up three self-service checkouts? You determine the layout yourself, making the concept scalable.

Advantages of Grab & Go

Available 24/7
Higher order and transaction speed
Unmanned and therefore fewer staff hours required
Scalable concept
Less wastage
Queue shortening
Price-wise interesting
Perfect as a complement to corporate catering, but also usable for hotels or healthcare facilities
Expandable with additional services such as a coffee machine or microwave on request

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