5 reasons why order kiosks are a no brainer for small snack bars, too

24 Oct 2023
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Anno 2023, self-service ordering and payment points are popping up more and more. In cafeteria land, order kiosks are no longer just a luxury for the big chains à la McDonalds but also realistic for every snack bar on the corner. Why are order kiosks a no brainer even for a smaller snack bar or cafeteria?

1. Standard solution makes order kiosks accessible to small business owner

Perhaps your dream is to install an order kiosk in your business, but the idea of a large investment holds you back. Developments in self-service are moving fast and to meet the demand, more and more standard solutions are emerging. Think of a small column on a counter, on the wall or on a base. Because of the affordable and realistic pricing of simple or basic order column, the McDonalds principle has become accessible to every snackable owner. Thus, more entrepreneurs can make the step to digitalization, including you as an entrepreneur of the small-scale snack bar, cafeteria or food store.

2. Save hands with a counter ordering zui

Finding and retaining staff has been and continues to be a challenge. Rising personnel costs are the order of the day. Shifting the ordering process to the guest is also a godsend for small snack bars or cafeterias. Because at the counter order kiosk you have the perfect employee. This full-time employee is never sick or late, is always friendly, takes work off your hands in the ordering and payment process and costs a fraction compared to a 'real' employee. So the investment pays for itself quickly because you need less manpower. And, of course, you can quietly work toward fewer staff. For example, deploy 15-year-olds, who are not yet allowed to be meal deliverers, as helpers next to the kiosk so that guests can get extra explanation when needed.

3. More likely to resell than order at regular checkout

'Would you like sauce with the croquette? Extend the burger to a menu with fries and a drink?' At the cash register, cafeteria workers try to promote side sales. However, it is often forgotten. Especially at peak times when there is a long line. The ordering column displays upsell suggestions automatically; the additional options are displayed with tasty pictures on the screen. This makes it easier for people to choose something extra. Drinks with a surcharge in the kids' box, for example, or loaded fries instead of regular fries. This results in average spending up to 20% higher. Moreover, you can play tactically with monthly offers or runners-up and have them "pop up," so that you sell exactly more of what you favor most - or have high margins.

4. High throughput and reduction of waiting time for guests

An order kiosk in your business helps tremendously in relieving crowds at the regular checkout. Thus, fewer queues form and the waiting time to place an order is reduced. This creates more positive side effects. The high throughput increases the number of orders and transactions, and thereby the profitability of the kiosk. If you also combine the order kiosk with a takeout screen, you bring even more peace to the business. After all, employees don't have to call out when an order is ready.

Human errors when taking orders also no longer occur because of the order kiosks, which is good for your customer satisfaction and higher guest return rates.

5. Self-ordering makes a better guest experience

Convenience and speed is what the fast-service industry is all about. Everyone is already used to digital technologies with their smartphones. The need for interactive devices for self-service is greater than ever. On the simple order column for the small snack bar, your guests see the entire menu on 1 screen. The assortment is divided into clear groups: fries, snacks, salads, meals, ice cream, etc. Your guests simply tap the screen to order, feeling less pressure and more peace of mind to choose what they like. As a result, your service level skyrockets and you change the customer experience. Make no mistake, it's not just young people who love self-service. Growing consumer behavior proves that entire generations are eager for easy ordering!

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