Did you know? 7 things you didn't know about booq POS

23 Feb 2022
Reading time 3 min

You probably already know that our booq POS checkout system lets you pick your own hardware, so you could even turn your own iOS or Android smartphone or tablet into a mobile checkout. Or that you can easily manage your items in the back office. And we’re pretty sure that the integrated table map, shortcut keys and BI tool won’t be news to you either. But... there’s plenty that you might not know yet, but will save you valuable time in the workplace. In this blog, we’ll go over 7 little-known facts about booq POS.

Did you know?

1. You can easily adjust the number of columns and letter size on your screen or switch from dark to light mode.

Quickly adjust the screen to your personal preferences or, for example, weather conditions to guarantee optimal visibility and ease of use at all times.

2. You can link current stock levels to items.
If you have a limited stock of daily specials or fresh pastries, enter it in the system! Every time someone orders a menu item, the counter will will automatically decrease, so waiting staff can always see whether menu items are still in stock on their handheld and immediately recommend something else if necessary. Not only will it help you save time, but you’ll have fewer disgruntled customers too!

3. Tables are colour-coded to reflect when they were last bussed.
Because the tables in the table overview or 'block view' change colour when they haven’t been bussed for a while, you can see at a glance whether it’s time to check in with a table and ask if there’s anything you can do. Not only is it a kind gesture, but it’ll also help you subtly sell more beverages.

4. You can activate multiple bills for one table.
If guests want to pay separately, you can easily split the bill. You can even name the different bills. Who said that great service had to be time-consuming?

5. You can easily combine self-service and waiting staff.
The time when you had to go to a physical till to check out is long gone. You can now combine your till, the handheld used by waiting staff to take orders and self-service with QR-codes. Consider putting QR-codes on your tables to encourage guests to place orders themselves, or print a QR-code on the bill and hand it over when serving the first round. Your guests can then use the QR to order more or pay, giving them total freedom to do things their way. Of course, orders and turnover are still processed by the central system.

6. Changes in the back office are instantly synced across all devices.
Whereas traditional POS systems can struggle with changes, causing delays or syncing issues, booq POS lets you instantly update unlimited devices. Regardless of how many changes you want to make in the backoffice, you can submit them all in one go and rest assured that all your devices will be synced right away. And if you change the prices in your POS system, you can automatically sync prices on your QR-menu or website, too.

7. We have a large number of intuitive POS tutorials
How to create new tables and menu items? How to add multiple-choice menus? What shortcuts can you use and how do you reopen orders? We’ve got dozens of brief video tutorials to help you discover all booq features when it suits you.


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