10 features of a hospitality reservation system for ultimate table management

23 May 2023
Reading time 3 min

An online reservation system provides an overview of all your reservations. The hospitality reservation system is set up in such a way that it offers optimal user-friendliness to manage, create or change reservations. We have listed the ten most important features of booq Reservations for you.

  1. Reservation calendar
    By placing the online reservation calendar on your website, your guests can make a reservation at any time. You can design the reservation widget in your own house style, so that it matches the look & feel of your website. You can also promote available packages, such as a lunch deal or a high wine, via the reservation calendar.

  2. Always an optimal table overview
    All your reservations come together in the table overview. Here you can quickly see who has reserved what, at what time and where. Moreover, you can easily switch between morning, afternoon and evening at the top. On the table map you can quickly see which tables are occupied, reserved or may no longer be moved by means of colors. And thanks to optimal synchronization, changes made on one device are visible in real time on another device on which booq Reservations is running.

  3. Manage contact information
    In the reservation system you can view the contact details of all guests who have made a reservation with you. Here you can see, in addition to contact details, how often they have already visited your restaurant and when the last visit was. This contact list is easy to clean and manage by merging duplicate contacts, adding missing information or removing erroneous information.

  4. View reservation history
    This feature allows you to see which changes have been made to the corresponding reservation. You can see which colleague has changed what and when. You can also see here whether the e-mails that the system automatically sends have actually been sent and delivered.

  5. Send personal emails
    Automatic reminders are ideal for keeping the 'no show' rate as low as possible. You can also send a personal thank you email to your guests from the reservation system. And do you want to send an email to a specific guest? You can also send an email directly from the details of the reservation. In addition, you can format your messages according to your own wishes in the message center. Moreover, you can easily add hyperlinks, so that guests are just a mouse click away from writing a positive review about your business!

  6. Send text messages
    Would you rather (also) send text messages to your guests to remind them of their visit tomorrow? No problem. By adding an SMS bundle you can also use this feature and it works as easy as composing an email.

  7. Multiple languages
    booq Reservation is available in seven languages: English, Dutch, German, Italian, French, Czech and Slovenian. This means that international employees can also work with the online reservation system without any problems.

  8. Extensive reports
    It is also possible to create extensive reports. booq Reservation gives you an overview of all insights and statistics of your reservations. There are four different views to choose from: reservations, weekdays, services and messages. You can select the date range and the room (or all rooms) for each overview. In addition, you can also make a period comparison, which makes it very easy to see how you are performing compared to the same period last year.

  9. Link with other apps
    booq Reservations has an extensive database of apps with which the system connects. For example, do you also work with Delicious, SocialDeal or DiningCity? Then you can install these apps to make the link with these parties. You can also easily connect with online payment providers such as Stripe. By working with deposits, the number of 'no shows' will drastically reduce!

  10. No commission
    You do not pay any hidden costs or expensive fees per reservation for the booq hospitality reservation system. With a fixed amount per month, you know where you stand. This way you can receive unlimited reservations via your own website or social media channels.

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