Quickly and easily create an optimal schedule

Creating a rock-solid workforce schedule does not have to take a lot of time. With our online scheduling software, you’ll see who is available, as well as other important info such as contract hours, hours worked, labour costs and budgets. Smart, effortless scheduling is just around the corner.

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Scheduling based on costs, turnover and budget

The booq Staffplanner lets you schedule staff online based on daily, weekly, monthly and annual budgets, telling you just how viable your current schedule is. If there’s a slower period coming up, you can easily adjust the available budget and stay in control of staffing costs.

Immediate insight into availability

Thanks to the user-friendly app, employees can easily submit their availability and leave requests. The software will show you exactly which employees are available for which positions/roles. This lets you always pair new employees with experienced counterparts, for instance, and prioritise waiters who are nowhere near their monthly contract hours.

Interesting features

Create your ideal schedule


User-friendly and time-saving


App for employees


Share open shifts


Commercially viable schedule

One of the fronts on which there was much to gain was staff scheduling. We therefore reviewed several staff scheduling packages to select the best one. For us, that was the booq Staffplanner. Within the platform are many options for commercially aware scheduling. Creating a simple schedule is one thing. But a good schedule is something entirely different!

Wouter Langhorst

Bereavement workforce planning at De Beren - Multiple locations

Success stories

App-timal communication with your employees

Thanks to the user-friendly app, employees can easily submit their availability and leave requests. And it goes without saying that they have insight into their schedule and balances at all times. Schedule change? We’ll send them a notification right away. Got another shift to fill? Send a push message so they can sign up immediately. Clear communication has a tremendous effect on employee satisfaction.

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Always take the weather forecast and events into account

Through the staff planning system, you’ll have 24/7 access to event information and the current weather forecast. If there’s fantastic weather coming your way, you’ll need more employees. And if the weather suddenly turns, you can simply update your schedule to avoid unnecessary staffing costs.

Error-free time-tracking

In addition to helping you plan more efficiently, this tool will also revolutionise time-tracking. Not only will it be easier, but you’ll also be able to pay your employees a lot quicker, especially if you link the tool to your payroll package.

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All personnel files in a single system

With the booq Staffplanner, you can save all your personnel files on a single, secure platform. You’ll get automatic notifications when a contract or a passport you have on file is about to expire, and you use the same personnel files to assign rights and roles to employees, allowing them to create schedules or view management data. Try it yourself!

More on leave registration

Facilitate self-scheduling

booq Staffplanner enables various forms of self-scheduling. You can, for example, send employees a push message to invite them to sign up for shifts or swap shifts between them. And if your team is ready, you can even give them the freedom to create a schedule all by themselves.

For any number of branches

Regardless of whether you have one or more branches, booq Workforce Scheduler will let you you manage them all and strike the right balance between costs and revenue. Schedule employees at another branch and compare branches with the clear dashboard.

Read more about multi-branch management

Link with payroll

If you set up a link with your payroll package, all data will be sent to the right place automatically, allowing for error-free, fast payments. We offer several standard interfaces.

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Build the perfecte workflow brick by brick

booq is an all-in-one business platform that grows with your business. As you link more Bricks, you will unlock exponential benefits for your business

Discover the platform
Discover the platform

Effortlessly create the best schedule

Easier, faster and commercially smarter workforce scheduling. You can do it all with the booq Staffplanner. Find out what it can do for you!

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