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From effortless time tracking to super-fast payrolling. You can link the booq Staffplanner to various payroll packages to exchange data and transfer the right salaries with ease. Avoid errors and eliminate duplicate work.

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Payroll administration is a key process that culminates in actually paying your employees. For proper payrolling, you need a single timesheet summarising hours worked, sick days and leave, including an employees leave balance. Calculated allowances for working, for example, during public holidays and night shifts are applied automatically down to individual employees if necessary, helping you boost speed and efficiency.


It goes without saying that you want timesheets to be accurate and complete, and our payroll page gives you the perfect opportunity to check every last detail. On this page, you’ll see a summary of all scheduled shifts that have not been completed and which shifts have been completed but have not yet been approved.

Interesting features

Effortless and error-free payroll administration


Clear overview of scheduled and worked hours


Approve timesheets with a few simple clicks


Automated leave accrual


Split statutory and extra-statutory leave

Contract issue alerts

Another useful feature for employers is the automatic contract issue alert, which notifies the user that a contract may have been entered incorrectly, making it impossible for the system to perform calculations properly. As you probably know, every contract can come with its specific arrangements on leave and time-in-lieu, requiring custom calculations. The alert will tell you exactly what you need to do to configure the system correctly, so you can always stay in control.

Payroll export

Once you have completed these steps, you can forward the required information to payroll for correct and error-free payment, either by exporting a file or through an automated link to your salary package. The leave and time-in-lieu balances in the employee app are updated immediately after the conclusion of each pay period.

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Discover the platform

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