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Behind the bar, everything should run like a well-oiled machine. Want to take, prepare and serve orders faster? Let booq work for you!

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Efficient order processing

Quality assurance

Build a loyal customer base

Indispensable tools for beverage-serving businesses

Whether you own a pub, cocktail bar or brewery, booq will help you work more efficiently and get a better grip on your business. Reap the benefits of going paperless, deal with orders flexibly and gain insight thanks to extensive data reports. Your guests will surely notice, as they sit back and relax to enjoy a night out. Choose the booq Bricks that suit your beverage-serving business and discover the benefits of a truly comprehensive solution. The future in your hands!

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Boost efficiency with a POS system tuned to your processes

Always keep the party going in your bar, club, pub, or tasting room thanks to intuitive tools that speed up your service and send all orders directly to the bar.

Bar software to split tabs and settle payments quickly

Three taps is all it takes to add a Malibu coke or another round of beers to a tab. Split bills so guests can pay separately and implement QR-codes to give them access to their payment method of choice right at the table. With booq, the glass is always half full.

Everything you need to manage your bar

No more searching for bills or making do with sub-par quality. With a digital bar display, you always process orders quickly and follow the right picking order.

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Stay in control of working hours with flexible scheduling

To be able to respond to the weather or current events quickly, you want to be able to adjust the staff roster quickly and share it via the app to notify all bar staff. Thanks to forecasts, you’ll never face unexpected costs ever again.

Get started with data and make confident decisions

Update your cocktail menu quickly, plan a special beer promo and discover who’s selling the most specials. Thanks to integrated links with your favourite bar tools, you save on purchasing and can rest assured that your records are correct.

The best integrations for your bar

Whether at home, on the road or at your bar, booq will help you manage your entire business. Set up your new software package to meet your expectations, e.g. by adding new branches or setting up links to your favourite packages.

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Why booq?

We know what your restaurant needs and have the tools to help you:


boost the efficiency of your workflow


cut costs


increase profitability


deal with staff shortages

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What can booq do for your business?

booq's bar software can handle everything you throw at it, although we’d probably advise against throwing your glassware. Raise the bar and sell more as our platform grows along with your business.

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