3 reasons to use gift cards in your business today

14 Nov 2022
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Gift cards make everyone happy; they are an original gift from the giver, a nice surprise for the recipient and a financial boost for you as a business owner. Because unnoticed, gift cards are a very interesting service to generate more traffic and turnover. Below are three reasons that will convince you to start using gift cards right away.

1. Boost your sales with instant cash flow

If you issue your own gift voucher, it can only be redeemed at your shop. Sold gift cards are paid out immediately. So you don't have to wait for the voucher to be redeemed in the future, thus boosting your turnover immediately. Great for financial breathing space at times of reduced revenue. And the fact is also that there are always vouchers that are issued but then never redeemed. Now that by law they must be valid for at least two years, they are still sometimes forgotten. Through your POS system, you can see exactly what credit you still have outstanding.

2. Expand your customer base thanks to gift cards

Offering gift vouchers is an effective marketing tool to increase brand awareness. Apart from the fact that a professional gift voucher in your own look and feel literally makes your business more visible, satisfied guests are your most important ambassadors. They are so charmed that they want to share the experience with others and therefore give a gift card to family or friends. This way, you can introduce new guests to your business and gain new fans in no time. And if they also attract new guests, the figurative snowball continues to roll.

3. Guests with gift cards spend more

A delicious dinner, romantic hotel package or entrance to your park. With your gift card, that fun experience is more accessible than ever. People don't buy credit but a specific experience. An experience in which guests also spend more than they would otherwise. In fact, the idea of receiving a gift card 'for free' makes guests tend to spend more than the value of the gift card. So an extra appetiser, bottle of wine or dessert is quickly ordered. A nice and welcome prospect.

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Thanks to our gift card module booq Giftcard, you can issue your own, professional gift card in just a few steps. Not only as a physical gift card in your shop, but also online as an e-voucher via your website. Because smaller increments are also possible, every entrepreneur can benefit. Boost your turnover and make your guests happy. Get started with booq Giftcard today!


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