10 useful features of booq Staffplanner

Jan Maarten
20 Feb 2019
Reading time 3 min

Of course, we already knew that the Staffplanner is the most complete and user-friendly planner on the market. No more puzzling over schedules, working through piles of time sheets and spending hours on your staff. What a great solution the Staffplanner is! We highlight 10 useful features.

1. Clear drag- and drop system

Thanks to the clear planning screen, you can easily drag and drop your desired staff members into the open positions in the schedule. This gives you insight into wage costs and contract hours. Once your staff schedule is complete, you can share it with all your employees with just one click.

2. Relevant information such as weather, events and budgets immediately visible

You want to be able to adjust your staff planning to relevant factors such as the weather and events. The Staffplanner shows you this information 24/7. And not unimportantly: by planning on daily, weekly, monthly and annual budgets, you can immediately see how well your planning fits in!

3. The Staffplanner app makes sure everyone knows when they have to work

No more being unclear about when you are scheduled or have to fill in for someone. Every employee has the Staffplanner app on his or her phone and can view the schedule 24/7. Are there important changes to the schedule? Then send a mobile push message via the app.

4. All personnel data in one handy file

In the Staffplanner, you manage all personnel data in one central location. The current leave, availability and administrative data of each employee can be viewed in just a few clicks. And you get a reminder when a contract expires, for instance.

5. Staff can respond directly to open shifts

Are there any gaps in your schedule? With the Staffplanner, you share open shifts with your staff at the push of a button. They are notified via the smartphone app and can report their availability immediately. You then choose the best candidate based on competences, contact hours and wage costs. Your team works together to complete the planning. Super efficient!

6. More control over hours worked thanks to online time sheets

No more hassle with time sheets or cards. Via the Staffplanner, the difference between planned and worked hours is visible at a glance. So it is much easier to keep a grip on hours worked and approve them quickly.

7. Quick clocking in and out with fingerprint scanner by linking to the time attendance clock

Even more grip on hours worked? Then choose the time registration clock. It clocks your staff in and out easily on the basis of fingerprints. No more hassle with time sheets or passes and employees cannot check in for each other!

8. Clear management dashboard with performance indicators

At the basis of the Staffplanner is a clear management dashboard that gives you insight into your turnover, personnel costs and personnel figure. The performance indicators are equally clear on any device, whether you like to work on a tablet, laptop or phone.

9. Cash register link allows you to see in real time how your organisation is performing

By linking the turnover from your cash registers to the wage costs, you can see in real time in the Staffplanner whether you are working efficiently. You can also immediately see how an extra shift affects the staff figure. This way, you always manage optimal staffing at lightning speed!

10. All staff information together in one place and accessible everywhere

Our Staffplanner does not require complicated hardware. Whether you like working on a laptop, tablet or phone, the Staffplanner can be accessed from anywhere. Moreover, the smart management dashboard with performance indicators is equally clear from anywhere. Any place, any device!


Obviously, there is much more to tell.

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